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Retrieving current node information

Question asked by emmanuel_d on Oct 6, 2006

In order to retrieve node informations of user home_folder, i'm trying to use query method from RepositoryServices.

I got home_folder description through AdministrationServices.
I cut this description to get node uuid.

With this node uuid, i call queryies like :

$result = $reposService->query($store,'@('.NAMESPACE_SYSTEM_MODEL.')node-uuid:"'.$nodeUUID.'"','lucene');
$result = $reposService->query($store,'ID:"'.$nodeUUID.'"','lucene');
$result = $reposService->query($store,'@cms\\:node-uuid:"'.$nodeUUID.'"','lucene');

I have always 0 Result :(

Sames queries for name attribute returned results (using NAMESPACE_CONTENT_MODEL and cm)

I continue reading docs, if someone can help me ? ;)