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Question asked by ftoth on Oct 7, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2006 by jcox
First let me say that I'm thrilled to have discovered Alfresco recently. Everything about the architecture feels right. We have used hibernate, lucene, spring, jbpm, freemarker, etc., in past projects and it's fantastic that Alfresco is built on such a string foundation. The more I read, the more I discover new nuggets of functionality that I can use!

I'm looking forward to the WCM preview, and I'm sure that will help answer some of my questions.

The area I'm most interested in at the moment was referenced in a previous post as "decoupling content management from delivery". This is an area that's dear to us. One thing that's discouraged us from using other CMSs is that they often impose themselves as the actual delivery engine. That won't fly for us. We might be enticed to use drupal, for example, for a CMS, but we will seldom be willing to deploy a PHP site.

So how does this work in Alfresco? Say for the sake of argument that we are deploying a ruby-on-rails site. We'd still like to use Alfresco to manage users, permissions, template editing, content editing, etc. But the end result will run in a rails environment.

The same example could apply to other java environments. Say we have a webwork site with its own set of run-time data models, beans, services, etc. But I want to use Alfresco! We still have users managing content, templates, preview, the list goes on…

From everything I've read, it sounds like you guys have been thinking about this, but it's not clear to me how it would work in practice. How could we have preview capability for a rails site?

Before I read the recent updates to the WCM documentation, I was imagining that I could write my own preview function. Perhaps we run our site in the same JVM as Alfresco, and our preview uses Alfresco APIs to extract the templates and content. Maybe we hack Freemarker so that its "include" function somehow knows to query Alfresco?

But in your new WCM doc, you mention "Alfresco runtime". Again, I can see this as being a very practical solution for some, but not all.

I welcome your comments. And I'm looking forward to more Alfresco.