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Saving WordPerfect docs via CIFS 'Access Denied...&quot

Question asked by hikenboots on Oct 9, 2006
Opening Wordperfect documents via CIFS works fine, however when one tries to save the doc, the following error appears in a Wordperfect dialogue box:
"Access denied: you do not have rights to do this."  I'm pretty certain that the problem lies on the WordPerfect side of things as virtually every other filetype works just fine from CIFS.  Saving WP to local disk works just fine.  I'm just wondering where the problem lies and what the workaround is.  Has anyone else atempted to use WP from CIFS?

Also…  Awesome job on 1.4!  The responsiveness of CIFS is great and the integration with OO 2.0.3 seems rock solid (built in WP indexing!)  I'm really impressed with the fast progress being made.