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Question about OpenLdap Groups

Question asked by dpalmeira on Oct 10, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2006 by andy

I'm importing users using ldap-authentication-context.xml extension with openLdap and alfresco 1.4. I get users and groups, but I have a problem with relationship  group>users. If I put a group with member property well configured, it works fine, but in the real world, my production Ldap, has alot of groups without member attribute to indicate users….
It's organizated only one into others like a tree.

For example:
     |_ User 1
     |_ User 2

but without member attribute in Group1
Alfresco isn't importing this realation into groups. Group1 and User1 and User2 appear into alfresco, but Group1 is empty.

Another poit is that my production Ldap has more than one type of groupType… it sometimes are "organization" or sometimes "organizationalUnit", so HOW can I import multiple types of different groups?

Thank you for your help.