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WCM Preview I Release Now Available on SourceForge

Question asked by kvc Employee on Oct 11, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2007 by steve
We would like to announce that the availability of the Alfresco WCM Preview I Release. This release introduces a number of new features, including:

      - Website Creation and Management
      - XML Content Authoring
      - Sandboxed Development and Staging
      - Multi-channel Content Publishing
      - Static and Dynamic Web Page Virtualization

This release is only intended for evaluation and feedback. This release runs as a standalone Alfresco instance separate from your existing 1.4 install.

We are experimenting with a new installer, so feedback on experiences with it are appreciated. We plan to extend the capabilities of installers if feedback is good.

The open source version is available to download at:

Release notes for the WCM Preview I release can be found in our wiki here:

Release details and roadmap info can also be found on our wiki here:

Please take a moment to walk through the Product Evaluation Guide included with this release.  This Evaluation Guide will walk you through our sample website and forms.  This Evaluation Guide is located in the Guest Home space after you install and login.

Thanks for your support!

Alfresco Engineering Team