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Is there a solution to update the XML content without...

Question asked by frenchmac on Oct 13, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2006 by frenchmac
Is there a solution to update the XML content without having to dive into the directory structure of a website?

I find your product very interesting. It brings a lot of solutions to the problem of managing the development of web sites. It is also built on top of modern concepts.

After spending several days using it in its current form and now spending some time using the WCM pre-release, I was wondering weither some kind of user interface was planned to allow a user with no computer science background to update the XML data (through XForm) without having to deal with the file system base nature of the Alfresco backoffice organization.

It there a way to create custom menus or a top level directory tree that would directly exposes the XML content to the user in a way that hides the XML side of things.

We developed website for you client and for each website, we need to offer them a backoffice to allow them to update their content. Today, we have our own CMS and plan for the next year to use a standard based CMS.

You product looks really promising in the way it handles its repository of information. It seems also that you have a clear vision of its evolution.

The way it works now makes it a perfect fit for a large organization which integrates the whole process of managing a website (from the development to the content creation).

But a software company like us needs to give to our customers a product that talks their langage. In fact, the Alfresco interface seems perfect for its primary role: document managment. Its file system approach makes the managing of documents a breeze. But for the managing of entities like news, press releases, products which make the information system of the entreprise, the inner working of the storage process need to be hidden from the user view.

Is there a way to customize the user interface of Alfresco?

Have you plan some kind of more entry level CMS user interface in your product? Is it the JSR168 portlet side of thing that is also discussed in your forums that will be the solution to this problem?

Maybe writting a JSP based configurable front end using your POJO API could be a custom solution for us but it seems quiet costly and the primary reason why we are looking for an external solution…