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Looking for collab on Content Management Documentation

Question asked by rdanner on Oct 15, 2006
Content management is a really big space with a lot of moving parts.  We often think about content management as technology but it’s really much more.  Technology is what implements content management. 

For fun and academic interest, a few people and I have been trying to break down and organize the concepts and components of ECM. I would like you to get involved if you are interested!

Given the complexity/vastness of the subject matter it’s not entirely simple. I chose to organize the structure as a tree even though much of the space is very interdependent. The reason for this is that the chart will quickly become very complicated if we represent all of the associations with lines.  I attempted to use color as a 3rd dimension. 

I think we will be able to find much better organizations, this is simply a start.  If you are interested in helping out simply visit the web address (on the alfresco wiki) and add your thoughts to the discussion area. I will do my best to keep up :)  This document is part of the alfresco community member content and does not necessarily reflect the views of alfresco.

The goal of this poster which a work in progress is to functionally break down ECM into a descriptive framework.  This enables us to examine the space and the overlap in many of the areas.  Because ECM is such a large space it is difficult to think about it all at once. Its possible if we choose the right granularity or find a way to express finer level of granularity in ways that can be ignore.

You’ll note that description spans from left to right.  Granularity runs from top to bottom (it’s a tree, child nodes give detail).  Dark blue nodes can are constructs which can be found as trunks where they are define and a children where they apply. Light blue nodes are the services that make up ECM. Services are provided by composing constructs.  The orange node give details, the green nodes express a relationship that contains detail.

This mapping is by far incomplete.  The task at hand is a challenging and interesting and your help is requested.

I hope to keep domain specific information out of this document in order to make it useful to the largest section of users.  It would be nice to create domain specific renditions once we get the generalized form closer to completion.