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Problem importing web services from wsdl to classes in VBA

Question asked by poul on Oct 15, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2006 by smiconrad

I'm using Alfresco 1.3 with Tomcat, and I'm trying to build an interface to Alfresco using web services. I'm having problems importing some of the web services into Micorsoft VBA Editor using the MS Web Service References Kit (downloaded from Some web serivces are working fine while others can't be found by the tool when I give it the wsdl URL. The services that aren't working are authoring-service.wsdl, content-service.wsdl, and repository-service.wsdl.

The above services can be imported when I use C# in Visual Studio 2005 but I get errors when I try to compile and run the project. I also did some looking around and I think it may be a problem with cml.xsd. I looked into the file but couldn't find what the problem may be.

I appreciate any help with this issue, since I need to be able to use the web services in VBA.