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DXF, DWG revision integration

Question asked by cariou on Oct 16, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2011 by morze

I need to integrate some tools like Brava Viewer and/or Brava Enterprise on Alfresco.

The goal is to give users the ability to view, print, measure, anotate (Markup) CAD files (and even PDF files) without having the native software installed.
Morover, the Texts Markups should be attached to the Document sheet, in order to be compared from one version to another.
Another need is the hability to compare graphically 2 revision of a same CED file.

The Brava tools seems to be the rights ones for what I need.

It provides an integration Framework (also used for integration with other ECM tools like Documentum, SharePoint, McLaren, HummingBird, etc…).

My asks are :
- Has anybody made something like this with Alfresco ?
- Do you think it can be done ?
- Do you know other tools for that ?