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New Project based upon 1.4

Question asked by mdsahni on Oct 17, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2006 by mdsahni
Hi Kevin / Gavin,


I'm writing here for the first time, but let me tell you, you guys are doing a great job in providing a real prompt support to people, really impressed!!  We are hoping to start one project, based upon Alfresco 1.4 and I just wanted to get your advice on some of the features that we are planning to develop.

Project Management [Including Calendaring, Meetings and Timesheet Management] - User will craete some kind of plan for their coming month's activities and they should be able to track the status.

Data Collection Forms - We have to develop almost 50 forms for collecting some data.  Thse forms will be tied up in some kind of workflow and the collected data will be used for generating reports and data analysis.

Note: We need to provide an offline data collection system also, which can later synchonize with main system.

Performance Evaluation - There will be some kind of KPI designer, which will be used to measure the performance of the employees [depending upon their activities and data gathered].

Basically what we need is the traditional database application integrated with content based system.

Need your views on how to start planning for these features.  I read sth about the Chiba and jBPM, but need some advice on what are their capabilities how they can be used and what is their status in Alfresco.

Thanx in Advance!!