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Search bug?

Question asked by marcus on Oct 18, 2006
I've got a customised advanced search page jsp and bean which I use to search on a couple of custom properties (and adds a few things to make it a bit more GET friendly). When I search using the custom property, I don't receive any results (even though I have documents with that property set), so I dumped the result of the SearchContext.buildQuery method, and got the following as part of the generated query


I notice the Wiki page indicates you can search for text properties without using quotes around the subject, but trying just this portion of the query in the node browser with a lucene search returns nothing. Attempting the same search but with quotes around the subject works exactly as expected, ie


and the documents I expect to have returned are returned.

I've tried a few other searches on properties without using quotes, and can't get any of them to work, and as soon as I add the quotes the results appear as expected. Near as I can tell, the following needs to be tweaked…

SearchContext.buildQuery() : 319

            String value = queryAttributes.get(qname).trim();
            if (value.length() != 0 && value.length() >= minimum)
               String escapedName = Repository.escapeQName(qname);
               attributeQuery.append(" +@").append(escapedName)