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In-line viewing

Question asked by ddupmul on Oct 18, 2006
Hi Alfrescians (!?),

I have been tasked with implementing a CMS/DMS for our company, and I am currently evaluating Alfresco.

One of the items that was high on the list of priorities given to me is the ability to see the document (or a close approximation) in-line, without opening Word or Excel.

The ideal would actually be to have documents in 3 viewable versions:
- The first version would be HTML that would simply display in the browser for viewing.
- The 2nd version would be a link to a PDF that could be downloaded for printing or something, if high quality is needed.
- The 3rd version would be the original document (ie. Word/Excel/etc.) that could only be viewed if it was checked out.  It could only be checked out by those authorized.

So, is there a way to upload Word/Excel files to Alfresco and have it converted to all three formats?

Why would we want this?  For our employees, we want to ensure that the source documents are kept in Alfresco.  For our customers, we want to make sure that they don't get original Word/Excel files that could be edited.  Sure, PDFs can be edited, but most people don't.