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Ideas an questions about CIFS access

Question asked by miggy4340 on Oct 23, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2010 by jhayghost

I just had the following idea when trying desktop action.

Is it possible to have a virtual desktop action that will trigger when content is added to a space.

The use case is to return a url that point to a page to edit the properties of the file of folder just added, or any action when user interaction is needed.

In version 1.4 it is possible to have link to other spaces with the web-client interface. These links are not visible with CIFS. They could be shown as shortcut at least on windows.

In the roadmap, I remember seeing  plans to be able to use categories as a virtual file hierarchy when navigating the data. Is this already done, how is it enabled.


Bertrand Mignon