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About file encoding and freemarker (Cp1252 vs UTF-8)

Question asked by jmliege on Oct 24, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2010 by rdanner

I run into some troubles with the encoding when using email templates through the MailActionExecuter class even that everything (server, mailserver, … ) was set to UTF-8 !
My content also was written with UTF-8 encoding

After going down deeper and deeper the source, i get the following solution:

On creation of the freemarker.template.Configuration class, the system property "file.encoding" from the JVM is loaded as default encoding…

On JVM installation, sometimes, 'Cp1252' encoding is set automatically (for well-known but obscure reason…)  :?

To avoid this problem, add the following option to your JVM options:

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