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Alfresco 1.4 Community Release available

Question asked by paulhh on Oct 25, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2006 by saarlaender
We would like to announce that the V1.4 Community Release of Alfresco is now available.  This release introduces a number of new features, including:
    - Business Process Managment (jBPM integration)
    - Audit Trail
    - Open Document Format support
    - Enhanced JavaScript API
    - Much greater performance and stability under high loads
    - My Alfresco Dashboard
    - Virtual Custom Desktop executables
There are database schema changes, details are in the release notes.

The default configuration for all the bundles is HSQL, rather than MySQL.  There are instructions that can be found after installation that explain how to easily revert to MySQL.

We are experimenting with a new open source cross-platform installer (InstallJammer), so feedback on experiences with it are appreciated.  We plan to extend the capabilities of installers if feedback is good.

The open source version is available to download at:

Release notes for V1.4 can be found in our wiki here:

Please see if you are interested in the Enterprise Network edition.

Thank you again for your continued support,

The Alfresco Team.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It seems to take at least 24 hours for SourceForge to update its mirrors for the downloads to become available!