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Accessing an individual piece of content

Question asked by snelson on Oct 26, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2006 by snelson

I am producing some simple dynamic pages to test the WCM functionality of Alfresco and seem to have hit a problem that I want to solve in a clean way.

I have a jsp which uses some Java backing beans to iterate over a collection of XML documents stored in a particular directory in the repository. This produces a simple list of items. I want to provide the functionality so that a user can click an item and be forwarded to another jsp which contains further information about the item. This information is stored within the XML document that was iterated over.

I want to refer to this piece of content by an unique ID so that I can search for it in the repository and then display its full details. I realise I could store every item (with its full details) in session state and use that - however this will never scale.

What would be a better way to do this type of function?

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