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How to have the PATH of a folder with his UUID

Question asked by lorel on Oct 27, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2007 by cludt
I use a query to have a folder on Alfresco.

I can extract those information :

{}modifier   admin
{}modified   2006-10-26T16:18:53.501+02:00
{}description   On retrouve ici, les informations disponibles en rapport avec l'administration
{}node-uuid   fbf59d48-64d9-11db-94cb-9fa4684f506f
{}creator   admin
{}node-dbid   435
{}store-protocol   workspace
{}title   VisionITGroup Administration
{}name   VisionITGroup Administration
{}store-identifier   SpacesStore
{}created   2006-10-26T12:08:53.562+02:00

In my object architecture, I need to have the path like /app:compagny_home/cm:……

Can you help me please.