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colaborate with external people

Question asked by linuxos77 on Oct 27, 2006
I have successfully installed Alfresco 1.4 and am authenticating via LDAP without issue.  Now, what I'd like to be able to do is, as a user share my materials with non Alfresco users (ie those without an account on the system).  Say for instance I have a Word doc I want to share/colaborate on with (who does not have an account).  Is there a way to send a notification to his email address that allows a level of access to my space/document?  I read something about granting the desired rights to guest and then obtaining the external URL to the docuement (from the properties page) and emailing it to the user with guest=true or something to that effect appended to the end of the URL.  One, this doesn't seem to work (I think because I'm using LDAP and guest can't login), two, I'd really like a more straightforward way, say within the UI to simply enter an email address much the same way I can add a user.  Is this possible?  Thanks in advance!