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chaging default spaces to to a custom store for homefolder

Question asked by pmarreddy on Oct 29, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2006 by pmarreddy
hi there,

i am wondering about how to change the default store from spacesstore to a custom store for default store homefolder.

i came to  understand that i need change the values in xml file but i dont know hot to do.

i got teh xml settings here.

<bean name="companyHomeFolderProvider" class="">
        <property name="serviceRegistry">
           <ref bean="ServiceRegistry" />
        <property name="path">
        <property name="storeUrl">
        <property name="homeFolderManager">
      <ref bean="homeFolderManager" />

how do i change this to my custom store let say my store name is hydro.

adv thanks for ur help.