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problem with customized space browsing

Question asked by strinchero on Oct 31, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2006 by strinchero
Hi all,
i'm new to jsf, and i have a problem with a customization to browse.jsp:
i have created some new content (with the needed ui to edit/display), and i need to open the view/edit dialogs when the user click on the item's icon or title (in space browse, done with an action listener). But i need to retain the standard behavior when it comes to standard alfresco types (download). How can i do that ?
As of now i tried the followint approaches: "choose" block checking for types , with 'rendered' properties hiding one or the other actionLink, and by trying to redirect to the download url in my action listeners. But all failed… (maybe due to some unrecognized mistake i have done).

Wich is the correct approach to do that ?

thanks all