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problem in searching content on a particular node

Question asked by inderjeet.kalra on Oct 31, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2007 by bindiya
I am just trying to search the content on the particular node like i have the following hierarcy in saving the content.

workspace->SpacesStore->Fund (Container)>user1(folder) – Fund Content (content node).

now i want to search on any node like on Fund node only or only user1 node only or the complete spacestore…i have put the following query but i am not getting the expected result…

" AND (@\\"+"{http\\"+"://\\}name:Fund Content))"+
" AND (TYPE:\"{}container\''+
" AND (@\\"+"{http\\"+"://\\}name:Fund))";

can i pass any Nodereference in place of store reference parameter in the query method…..

Please help me out in understanding the logic behind the query mechanism which API follows….

Thanks in advance