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Need help for User Database

Question asked by why1525 on Nov 1, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2006 by why1525
Dear all,
I am sorry because I had already post this topic in other thread and my question is quite a lot in here. But I already done research before I post this.

I really blind in here because I now need to integrate Alfresco with another web application. The requirement is using the web application link to Alfresco. So in Alfresco there, no need the login page again.

I am not sure this is workable or not. So I now trying to find the User table in Alfresco database in MySQL. But I cant found any user table in there. All the table is start with alf_* and jbpm_* only right?

I try to search solution in Alfresco forum and wiki. Then I found that some people use LDAP to import user. then i wonder is it all the user store in LDAP there? Is LDAP means Lightweight Directory Access Protocol?

Or the Alfresco still using Hibernate Database although I already switch into MySQL?

Thanks in advanced for view and reply me.

Warmest Regards
Edison Wang