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Question asked by mdsahni on Nov 2, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2006 by mdsahni
Hey Kavin / Gavin,

I'm not sure what is the right Subject, so just put this, but I'll try to explain what I need to achieve!!

Admin is creating this content [Could be in separate spaces]:

Some Forms
Some other content

and then publish them so that othe users can see when they login to Alfresco.

But the content should not be displayed like a link that open in new window or downloadable, but within the same window (main alfresco) inline.  Especially for forms!!

Secondly it would be best of I can present all these content as some kind of menu links, rather than list of links under content!!

What I'm trying to do is to use Alfresco as base platform to build some application [that has CMS is one module, but it does have other normal stuff as well, like Forms for data entry, Reports, etc]

Other way of asking this question could be that If I have some stuff to show to users [other than space and content], how to integrate.  Example can be Forms, Reports, Calendar, etc. [Alfresco already has one similar thing Tasks]

Thanx in Advance,