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Single Sign On with alfresco

Question asked by dpatri on Nov 2, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2007 by andy
In my company, we have web single sign on. I have configured apache using mod_jk to connect with tomcat, in which alfresco 1.4 is installed.

I have also configured apache with a custom module (used within my company to protect all web apps) that intercepts any call from to alfresco and authenticates the user. If a user is not authenticated, this user is redirected to the login server. Once the user has successfully logged in, the user gains access to alfresco. However, the http headers are updated with user id and other information about the user.

I want alfresco to trust the user is authenticated (don't require the user to log in again – the user would not be able to see this page without already being authenticated – protected by apache) and then use the http headers to determine the users name/userid etc.

Could someone please advise on how I could do that? I've heard this could be done.