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Choosing of Foundation Services API vs Webservice vs RMI api

Question asked by mzafer on Nov 3, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2006 by mzafer

We are planning to develop a webapplication using alfresco. Since we need to develop our own Web UI, I was wondering what alfresco api is the best to use. The foundation services api give more control and tighter integration but donno whether it will be good choice in a clustered alfresco environment.  Opinions from users of Webservice and RMI apis would help.

Basically we want to start with a installation where all the Web application and the repository will be bundled into a single application but later we should be able to go for a clustered installation. So I want to know what is the api best for this, and whether there is any missing functionalities etc.. in these apis or does all of them support all the functions.