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Custom Document Index

Question asked by sudhash on Nov 4, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2006 by andy
Dear All,

I represent a large Logistics company in Malaysia. The company wants to adapt Alfresco for document management.

I believe there was an evaluation done. One of the key requirements is as follows:

1. Maintaining custom document indexes for different kinds of documents
2. Indexing the documents based on these custom document indexes
3. Searching on these custom document indexes

The company was telling me that they were not been able to achieve this (with whatever preliminary effort).

I just came into the arrangement. I have worked with Zope before, not Alfresco.

I tried to search for this in the forums, I'm could not understand some of them, if they were related or not.  I tried to install (all default) & create some spaces, rules, content, etc. There are some content properties that comes up. I am not if this screen is customizable.

Please help me with this.