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Less convenient installation than Preview install wizard Win

Question asked by alexr on Nov 5, 2006
Why is the installation wizard of Alfresco 1.4 Community Edition different from the Preview release?
Installing the preview release on windows was a breeze. Even the Windows services can be installed automatically for Alfresco Tomcat en Alfresco MySQL. Alas not so in the definitive 1.4 version.
Why is the definitive installer different?

Even trying to get OpenOffice to work with the steps for the Preview release seem not to work in this definitive release.

Furthermore I made customizations (object types etc.) for the Preview release, but if I copy the same xml files to the extension folder I get all kinds
of errors on actions inside the webclient.
Again there seems to be some last moment tweaking of the configuration. So do I really have to go into each XML file again and only copy changes to the definitiev Community Edition files?