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alfresco 1.4 on liferay 4+

Question asked by simonmags on Nov 5, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2006 by tamax
Hi, Are the previously posted instructions for deploying alfresco 1.3 onto an existing liferay server relevant when trying to install alfresco 1.4 to a liferay server? And can we use a newer version of liferay like 4.1.2 with alfresco 1.4 yet, I know therewas a problem with the myfaces package there for a bit?

Basically I am trying to get an implementation of Liferay and Alfresco running on Solaris 10, I am happy to use either JBoss AS or Tomcat but would prefer JBoss AS if I can get it. Is there any documentation or binary packages setup to do something like this?

It seems like it should be simple enough, but it is taking me ages to get somethign like this going, has anyone out there done this or somethign similar?

Just to make it a touch harder my client would prefer we set everything up as standalone packages and not use the bundle install, at the minute I believe they will be happy if we can just get it to work.