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Question asked by tomekdomek on Nov 6, 2006
Hello again!I have Alfresco 1.3 installed and itruns on my Windows XP PC.

I created some users with their own homespace for example user whatever with his homespace whatever.

When whatever logs in he jut sees his Homespace and the Guest homespace.

But he cant really connect to the winodwsexplorer with the button opennetworkfolder/computername/alfresco/…/whatever


When i log in as an admin it works and then when i log in again as whatever it works too.

what i want is that whatever logs in and just sees his folder without having the option switching the folders and see other folders.

i guess that happend because i logged in as admin and then admin i logged all the time on the pc on which the webclient runs.

Can someone help me?