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Alfresco 1.4 Enterprise + Active Directory

Question asked by lascaux on Nov 7, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2006 by rivetlogic

I am discovering Alfresco with Jboss package.
The version I am using is 1.4.0

I am trying to configure the ldap synchronization with the domain

1) I modified the file Alfresco\jboss\server\default\conf\alfresco\extension\ldap-authentication-context.xml in order to set my domain information :

- for the bean authenticationComponentImpl :

<property name="userNameFormat">

- for the ldapPeopleExportSource

<property name="personQuery">

<property name="searchBase">

<property name="userIdAttributeName">

- for the bean ldapGroupExportSource (in order to synchronized only one group)

<property name="groupQuery">

<property name="searchBase">

The problem is that, after restarting JBoss, I cannot connect into alfresco anymore.

I perform many search into the forum, but nothing can help me !

Any idea ?