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Record Management in latest Alfresco 1.4

Question asked by why1525 on Nov 8, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2006 by why1525
Dear all,

I got a problem here. I downloaded the latest source code from SVN yesterday. I already import the neccessary project into Eclipse then build it with Ant.

Well, it run smoothly. But then I saw a new project call "Record Management" inside there. I copy the alfresco.war into the Record Management folder then I use Ant to run the build.xml in the Record Management folder.

When Ant running the build.xml, it update the alfresco.war file. Then I put the war file into the Tomcat and deploy it. But there is an error occur when deploying the war file.

I read the log file and found that it cant found a class call org.alfresco.rm.RecordManagementScript

What is actually happen in here? or this project is not available yet?

Is there any guideline to install Record Management in Alfresco 1.4?

I had follow the wiki guideline to install Record Management but fail. I read in this forum and found that 1.4 cannot import the record_management.acp. Is this possible to solve?

Thanks you in advanced.

Warmest Regards.