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associate a state to a document from javascript file

Question asked by alessioa. on Nov 8, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2006 by ajshaw
Hi to all,
actually i'm working  to create my custom behaviour when i add a file in a particular space.
For doing this i create my javascript file and associated its execution to a rule created for the this space.
One task of the javascript file is to create a document, so i have these code:
var newFile = newFolder.childByNamePath("Offerta.doc");
if (newFile == null)

Now i need to associate a state to this file … i.e. when the file is created the state is for example "just created", after when the file is modified the state change to "in progress" and a last state when document is ready the state change in "done".
Is it possible to do this? How? (creating a jbmp workflow? adding aspect to file?)
Someone have had same necessity and can help me?
Best regards
Alessio A.