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Question about file system

Question asked by why1525 on Nov 8, 2006
Hello, I got a question here and wish to have an answer from an expert.

Currently I am doing my research project in a company, that company now is using the windows file systems to manage their document.

I wonder that is it Alfresco can work together with their current file systems in company?

I had used the CIFS function in Alfresco, it is a great capabilities to work together with Windows OS. Because I read through some research, they say that a Document Management System is going to replace the File Systems.

I am not selling this to that company because I am a student doing final year project for University. I am been asked a question from my supervisor: "Why I want to change to Alfresco since I have a file system in here?" That is why I post this thread here.

I am sorry if I asking silly question.

Thanks you in advanced.

Warmest Regards.
Edison Wang