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Truing to get content node path in contentRichList

Question asked by tcordova on Nov 9, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2006 by tcordova
I was reading through the wiki on URL addressability and found the part about using the template servlet to display content with a template…

Problem here is that in order to do this I need to get the path of the content node so I can construct the proper URL.

I've tried changing browse.jsp as follows:

<%– Primary column for details view mode –%>
<a:column id="col10" primary="true" width="200" style="padding:2px;text-align:left" rendered="#{BrowseBean.browseViewMode == 'details'}">
<f:facet name="header">
<a:sortLink id="col10-sort" label="#{msg.title}" value="title" mode="case-insensitive" styleClass="header"/>
<f:facet name="small-icon">
<a:actionLink id="col10-act1" value="#{r.title}" href="/alfresco/template?templatePath=/Company%20Home/Data%20Dictionary/Presentation%20Templates/inline_doc.ftl&contextPath=#{r.path}" target="new" image="#{r.fileType16}" showLink="false" styleClass="inlineAction" />
<a:actionLink id="col10-act2" value="#{r.title}" href="#{r.url}" target="new" />
<r:lockIcon id="col10-lock" value="#{r.nodeRef}" align="absmiddle" />

but the reference to #{r.path} in the href of actionLink col10-act1 always returns an empty string.