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Editing web forms in 2.9B

Question asked by samuel.penn on Mar 9, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2008 by ostein
Hi all,

I've been using web forms in Alfresco 2.1, where the forms are defined in the Web Forms space in the data dictionary. Playing around with 2.9, I see that there is now a 'Forms' space in the Data Dictionary for ECM forms, and web forms seem to be created as part of a web project instead rather than creating them within the Data Dictionary.

However, I can't find how to edit an existing web form anymore. I can create one (using 'Create Web Form' in the 'Edit Web Project Wizard'), but I can't see how to edit one once it's been created.

Where is the web form configuration stored in 2.9, so I can have access to the xsd and xslt for the form so that I can modify them? I did think about deleting the form and recreating it, but I can't see a way of deleting the form either.