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Urgent WCM questions!

Question asked by hertzel on Nov 12, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2006 by kvc
Our company is in a process of offering an Enterprise J2EE portal platform (including Enterprise WCM) to one of our enterprise clients.
Please your answers to following questions ASAP regarding Liferay Portal and WebSphere Portal:
1.   Does Alfresco WCM support BIDIRECTIONAL languages as hebrew? Technical How?
2.   We would like to customize the Alfresco WCM code continuously. What LICENSE/SUPPORT do we need?
Please provide PRICE LISTS for non-profit academic portal.
3.   Our technical team evaluated (not deeply!) the WCM preview and has some difficulties about:
3.1.    Content viewing through JSR168 portlets as there is no out-of-the-box/sample portlet for Web Content Viewing.
PLEASE provide some directions for viewing Alfresco WCM repository through JSR168 Portlets in Liferay/Websphere. Any Samples would be much appreciated.
3.2.   As of our understanding the current cont viewing is very simple and does not support built-in content NAVIGATION, as these features in Magnolia and IBM Workplace WCM (Aptrix).
3.3.   Are there any add-on tools which could be used to simplify the content authoring (xsd/xsl/tfl) for end-users? Any SUGGESTIONS?
Your assistance would be much appreciated.
Hertzel Karbasi
OPTinity eSolutions