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Howto make Property sheet render HTML

Question asked by ruffp on Mar 10, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2008 by gavinc

I have a property with some html code inside.

Is it possible to make the view page rendering correctly the html metadata only by configuring a xml file?

If no, what to do?

I tried to make that from my generator (generateAndAdd method) :

public UIComponent generateAndAdd(FacesContext context, UIPropertySheet propertySheet, PropertySheetItem item) {

UIComponent component = null;
if( propertySheet.getMode().equals("view")){
   component = super.generateAndAdd(context, propertySheet, item);
   HtmlOutputText hot = new HtmlOutputText();      
   return component;
// some other code for edition

But it doesn t work. I probably make something wrong but don't know what.
I also tried to make the setParent(item) and setParent(propertySheet) but always the same effect

Thanks in advance for your answers.