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Content Type vs Aspect

Question asked by lascaux on Nov 13, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2006 by lascaux

I need some support for my needs.

I need to create a new document type to be able to manage a bunch of properties.

I've got 2 possibilities for that :
- create a new content type (what I already did)
- create a new aspect for the content type "cm:content"

Now, here are my needs :
I would like my document added to some workspace structure to be set as the previously defined content type / aspect (in order to set the properties values during the creation of a new document).
I also need my document to be versionable
and I also need to be able to make check in/out on the document.

What is the best solution to achieve this ?
- a new content type + defining the aspects for this content type ?
- a new aspect which inheritate from the others ?

How to make a rule which define that each new document added in my workspace structure will be set as the defined type (with the new properties) ?

Thanks a lot for help !