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Download Afresco SDK for 2.9C_dev

Question asked by jlabuelo on Mar 10, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2008 by jlabuelo
Good Afternoon all

I am new in this "alfresco development" but I would like to try to perform a simple modification to one of the java.class files and start learning.

I have readed the initial documentation for Alfresco Developers, where says that the Alfresco SDK should be downloaded and installed in our pc's ( or dev environments) When I try to do so, I find that the only 2.9 SDK present in SourceForge is the 2.9B and not the actual 2.9C_dev….anyone can clarify me if it would be the same downloading the 2.9B SDK??? my asumption is that the changes present in the 2.9C_dev will not be present in the 2.9B SDK.

Could anyone please let me know if I can download the 2.9C_dev SDK environment from somewhere????

Thanks a lot guys