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CIFS Accounts

Question asked by tomekdomek on Nov 13, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2006 by tomekdomek
Hello i can connect through WEBDAV but it aint workin with CIFS!

The only username works is admin with password: admin


With webdav i can connect with all the users ive created in AlfrescoWebClient!

I have a lot of USERS created and the have their own spaces and cant see each other spaces and so on!Lets say i have a USER XXX with his SPACE YYY.

So now i should be able to do my mapping within the windows explorer.

So i map with //servername_a/alfresco/YYY/

and the the popup login comes but i cant log in as USER XXX.

IT really works with ADMIN!!!

(I have ALfresco 1.4 runnin on an Windows XP machine with ServicePAck 2)

And when i am logged in alfresco there is the shortcut for cifs connection but he asks me for the password and the only thing works is :-) admin admin  when i am logged in as XXX!
Please answer me somebody!