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WebDAV url in document file name?

Question asked by kjmsandstrom on Mar 10, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2008 by kjmsandstrom
I have not been working with Alfresco for to long but I have already run into a few issues I can't resolve without your help.

I have a few different types of old documentations that I want to add to our new Alfresco intranet. The documentations are windows help files (.hlp), word files or html files, all containing internal and external links. I have tried to open these files through WebDAV and it works perfectly for html files (links and all). However, it does not work with hlp and word files. The hlp files only gives a dialog box with Save as and Cancel buttons. The word files opens with a local temp directory link in stead of a WevDAV URL. I can not find the right configuration to correct this.

I would also like to avoid going to the details page for the WebDAV link. I would like to know if it is possible to create an URL to documents through WebDAV directly from the document filenames instead of going to the View in WebDAV link in the document details.

I have tried to use the Edit icon to produce the WebDAV link but I have not been able to get this to work properly.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

We use Alfresco community 2.1 on a Linux system and Firefox 2 on WinXP as clients.