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Links (.lnk) to content causes network errors in CIFS

Question asked by loggheci on Nov 13, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2006 by loggheci
We are using Alfresco 1.3 in production (proof of concept) on a Linux environment (hosted).
When there is a link to content created in a workspace (result .lnk), I can not longer open this workspace in CIFS. (error message (own translation from dutch): the local devicename is already used. The connection could not be established).

I hoped this problem would be resolved in version 1.4. On a little test server I installed 1.4 (Windows 2000 environment) and the same problem occurs…

Because CIFS is, for us, a very important argument to introduce Alfresco in our company, I'am looking for a solution to combine the pro's of CIFS and the evidence of having links to content in other workspaces…

Chris Logghe