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Question asked by andersa1977 on Mar 11, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2009 by lakshya
We have set up Liferay + Alfresco with SSO (JASIG) and LDAP (OpenDS). We have many other applications that we will integrate into the SSO solution, thus the need for an SSO :)

We want to have some sort of direct drive mapping of the Alfresco repository through FTP, CIFS or WebDAV for those users who handle large numbers of documents but we are a bit unsure how we can accomplish this. CIFS is as far as I can see the worst candidate since we do not use AD and use an LDAP without MD4 hashing of passwords. WebDAV is a bit difficult since the SSO solution uses redirects to validate the user. Is it any way we can get FTP working? I've read through the documentation and a couple of older threads regarding this matter here on the forum; but I'm a bit lost as to where the authentication of FTP service is handled when we use an SSO solution.

Can anyone help us?