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Binary Installer

Question asked by danderson on Nov 13, 2006
I am using the binary installer for Alfresco 1.4 on Ubuntu Linux.

I have been slowly reading the documentation and learning the proper procedures for using the application and must say I am growing to like it very much. However, I have yet to come across any real information regarding backup's of the system. I was wondering, since I am using the binary installer, which installs everything Alfresco needs in one clean & neat directory (e.g. /usr/local/alfrecso) would it be safe to assume that I should be able to backup that entire folder and be done with it? If I should ever need to restore or rebuild anything, all I should need should be in that said backup?

I am hoping I can do something like:

tar cvf /usr/local/alfresco /backup/alfresco.tar

Thanks for any input/suggestions.