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Newbie: is this the right application for me? Please help!

Question asked by tarkadu on Nov 13, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2006 by rivetlogic

I just spent the first evening reading about Alfresco since I'm currently looking for a web-based file-management-system for a new little company. It seem on a first glance that this application is very well-structured and user-friendly, that's why I got stuck here. However, I got two very basic questions I'd like to ask before I let our administrator install it on our server:

1. I read a lot about the fully automatic arranging/sorting of files. Is it also possible to just have a very simple folder-structure and use a standard webbrowser to browse through files? I like the idea of automatic filing for later use, but for now I guess that traditional method would suffice.

2. In the forum I read some statements that there is no permissions-system integrated in the open-source-edition. Is this true? I'd like users to have access only to specified folders or files, so they don't even see those they don't have rights granted for.

Thanks for your patience…