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2 Alfresco with apache mod proxy balanced

Question asked by ismaello on Nov 13, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2006 by ismaello
Hi, i have a apache server 2.2 with the proxy balaced module.

I am using this module tu redirect de request and balace the load to 2 tomcat's with alfresco in different servers.

I have this configuration in httpd.conf

ProxyRequests   Off

<IfModule proxy_ajp_module>
    ProxyPass /alfresco balancer://ajp-cluster/alfresco
stickysession=JSESSIONID nofailover=On
    ProxyPassReverse /alfresco balancer://ajp-cluster/alfresco
    <Proxy balancer://ajp-cluster>
        BalancerMember ajp://server1:18009/ route=tomcat1a
        BalancerMember ajp://server22:28009/ route=tomcat2a

The problem is when i make loggin in Alfresco. Alway it return to login page like apache lost the session variable.

I need help please.

Thanks for read it.