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commandButton on dialog

Question asked by nyronian on Mar 11, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2008 by gavinc
I am building a new dialog screen thad uses the Dialog Framework.  Everything is going great untill I try to put on a commandButton or an actionLink.

If I do a command Button:

<h:commandButton id="addNewKeyword"  action="#{DialogManager.bean.addNewKeyword}" value="Create New"></h:commandButton>
I get the following html generated:

<input type="submit" onclick="if(typeof window.clearFormHiddenParams_dialog!='undefined'){clearFormHiddenParams_dialog('dialog');}" value="Add Existing" name="dialog:dialog-body:addExistingKeyword" id="dialog:dialog-body:addExistingKeyword"/>
If I create a new action Link:

<a:actionLink value="Remove Association" actionListener="#{DialogManager.bean.removeKeyword}"  >
   <f:param name="id" value="#{ }" />

I get the following HTML generated:

<a id="_idJsp33" onclick="document.forms['dialog']['dialog:act'].value='dialog:dialog-body:_idJsp33';document.forms['dialog']['id'].value='e315ee20-b93c-102a-917a-00137266e2e6';document.forms['dialog'].submit();return false;" href="#">Remove Association</a>

When I click either, it does not call my assocated action.

any ideas?  How do I put a commandButton or actionLink on my Dialog page?  I searched through the framework documentation and it does not mention it.

Any help would be appreciated.

FYI:  I had to manually put in the code tags…the button on the editor seemed to do nothing.