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foundation api: in-process or in-webapp?

Question asked by dirko on Mar 12, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2008 by hbf

i am trying to access the repository from a webapp which sits next to the alfresco webapp. i first tried to use JCR, but left that track. now I am trying to use the Foundation API.

from the wiki i read "It is an in-process API meaning that the client must sit within the same process as the Repository. For example, the Alfresco Web Client uses this API and is packaged together with the Repository in a single .war file for deployment to an application server.". my webapp runs in the same tomcat, so it is in-process, but then i wonder why the example of the .war is given or is it meant that the API can only be used in-webapp/context (which would explain why i have currently trouble getting it to work)?