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catogory creation

Question asked by pmarreddy on Nov 14, 2006

i am trying to create a new classification  for our system, i need some help.

step 1) i created a container type node (name: categorycontainer).
step 2) i created a root category under it ( name: questions).
step 3) i created a category under it (name: java).

now i defined an aspect.

<aspect name="que:categoryquestion">
      <title>General Classifiable</title>
        <property name="cm:categories">
          <index enabled="true">

setCategoriesUtil(mynode, javanodeid, categoryquestionaspect);

i am applied the aspect and category java to a node. now when i search for the node using luce path based search i dont get any thing.


am I, in the right track or do i have to do any thing different.