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upgrade 1.3 Community to 1.4 (Tomcat/Sybase ASE12.5)

Question asked by wisem on Nov 15, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2006 by derek
I am trying to upgrade an existing 1.3 Community installation on Tomcat 5.5 to 1.4.  We are using Sybase ASE 12.5.  I've converted the supplied MySQL upgrade script (in dbscripts\upgrade\1.4) to T-SQL and run this manually, so I now have all my Alfresco tables prefixed with alf_.  I've deployed the 1.4 WAR file as well.  When starting Alfresco I am now getting errors because I do not have the JBPM tables defined in my database.  I've found a script in the ECMS Community Network download for HSQL (alfresco.script), so I guess I can convert this if needed (or preferably if there is a MySQL version somewhere please let me know).  I don't think we need the workflow capabilities presently, so is there a way of switching this off?